“La Catedral Tapas y Vinos” (Tapas & Wine) was opened in November 30th, 2007 under Javier Bote Salegui’s direction. Unlike our first bistro, this proposal puts more emphasis on Ibérico pork products, cold cured meat, pickles, and special bread sandwiches served in a more informal atmosphere, a different and complementary offer to contrast with the rest of our group.

Like our original bistro, it is located right in the Cathedral Square, in a historic building in which a well from the 14th/15th century was found during the fitting out works, together with artisan shoemaker tools and pottery from the last century. This well, perfectly protected, is shown to our customers and is now part of the charm of our premises.

Plaza de la Catedral, nº 7           Cádiz - C.P. 11005           Tl..: 956 28 62 15           Fax: 956 25 40 62